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3D Map

Get to know the Tatras as few before you - from the bird's eye view and without the internet! You will find more than 180 peaks, 70 lakes, 16 waterfalls, 21 cottages and mountain hotels. All this in 67 valleys.

Hiking trails with navigation

Choose one of the 205 hiking trails, from a total length of 407 kilometers. The app will show you your current location and elevation.

Photos and articles

Meet the history of the Tatras, the legends of their origin, but also the current life in them. Interesting information will make every tour an unforgettable experience.

Weather forecast

Check the weather forecast for 5 days to plan your hike better. Don't get surprised by anything while hiking.

Planned features

  • 360 ° Photographs and panoramas with marked peaks, lakes and hiking trails
  • Identifying peaks and lakes directly in the camera view (AR)
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Educational trails
  • Tour planning with more detailed navigation
  • "My Journal" - a list of trails and places I've visited



Version 1.7 | What's new?

Version 1.7

Feb 18 2021

  • Nová sekcia Podmienky, ktorá ti pomože s plánovaním túr alebo lyžovačky vo Vysokých, Západných alebo Nízkych Tatrách.
  • Prehladná predpoveď počasia na 3 dni.
  • Denné výstrahy pripravované Horskou záchrannou službou.
  • Aktuálne snehové správy a informácie o prevádzke zo 16 lyžiarskych stredísk.
  • Nová sekcia “Pomoc v núdzi” s informáciami o aplikácii HZS pre privolanie pomoci.
  • Nová fotka pri štarte aplikácie - ďakujeme Mirovi Maršíkovi.

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Frequently asked Questions

Zaži Tatry works in a full-screen mode. In the newer versions of Android, a standard button bar with close button is not showing. However, these buttons can be shown by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen.
In order for the app to work in places where an internet connection is not available, all of its content must be kept on the smartphone's storage. Files such as Tatras' surface images and many photos are therefore reflected in the resulting application size. However, we believe that the actual size of the application is very satisfactory because of its content.
No. The application contains only official trails of varying difficulty, available without a mountain guide on the Slovak and Polish High Tatras.
We are currently working only on the High Tatras app, where we plan to add new features. However, we do not exclude applications for other mountains or parks in the future.